RoyalGate Energy is an African independent oil and gas company dedicated to developing Africa’s great untapped oil and gas prospects. We seek to build a portfolio of oil and gas exploration, development and production assets all over the continent, and to execute sustainable projects that strengthen the economies and societies of the places we work.


From our offices in Houston, Accra, Malabo and Luanda, RoyalGate Energy is operating assets in Equatorial Guinea and Ghana and evaluating new opportunities throughout Africa. Sustainability and sound fiscal and operations management guide our business.


We signed our first production sharing contracts in Equatorial Guinea in 2013. In 2014 we expanded to Ghana and Angola. We are building a strong portfolio of assets across the continent and investing in the countries and communities in which we operate. As our footprint grows larger, our identity as an Africa-focused, development-driven company grows stronger.



We contribute to the sustainability of the African oil and gas industry by continuously augmenting prospect inventory to keep ahead of drilling operations. We avoid capital flight, a serious problem for many African markets, by hiring locally and keeping our profits and staff on the continent and in the country of activity. We plan to keep growing our business in Africa, retaining our heritage as a pioneer in African oil and gas, and putting down roots in the communities where we operate.


First class fiscal and operational management, respect for employees and partners, technical and practical leadership, a peerless safety record and a real commitment to our corporate social responsibilities. These are the values that RoyalGate Energy embodies through its work.


RoyalGate Energy is dedicated to training and developing staff in all its markets of operation, and holds management and staff to a code of conduct that ensures honesty, integrity and respect at all levels of the organization. Our leaders combine decades of experience on the field and in the boardroom.