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Our commitment to education in Equatorial Guinea

RoyalGate Energy, a partner in Equatorial Guinea’s ongoing development, was proud to unveil its school renovation and expansion project early in 2014.


Working closely with the Director of National Content at the Ministry of Mines, Industry and Energy, Mr. Agustin Mba Okomo, RoyalGate Energy identified the Santa Bibiana school in Bata as the best candidate for our 2013/2014 Social Works program.




Over a period of months, we added new school buildings and improved the structure and furnishings of the existing facilities. The completed project was greeted by schoolchildren and local residents as an asset to the community when it was officially opened by Mr. Okomo in 2014.


Through its operations in Angola, Ghana and Equatorial Guinea, RoyalGate Energy strives to make a beneficial impact on communities through employment, education and encouraging local business. In Equatorial Guinea the company is proud to support the government’s drive to improve the quality of education.


We look forward to following the progress of Santa Bibiana’s students over the coming years.