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Imparting the principles of transformational leadership

RoyalGate Energy is a proud partner of the Impact Your World initiative. Impact Your World is a Nigerian non-profit organization that identifies, nurtures and empowers leaders to bring change and lasting impact to society.


Impact Your World is entirely dedicated to bringing positive change through great leadership at all levels. Intelligent, inspirational leadership can transform the social and economic landscape in Nigeria. The organization uses various platforms to reform negative leadership trends and impart sound, ethical leadership norms.


Through its activities promoting transformative leadership, Impact Your World identifies, nurtures and empowers talented people to pursue their leadership goals. The aim is to foster a generation of purpose-driven leaders that will make a lasting impact on society. Good and purposeful leadership is the key that will unlock Nigeria’s immense human and resource potential.


Identify: Through participatory events and programs, Impact Your World can identify talented people that share our values and show leadership potential.


Nurture: Impact Your World provides the tools, training and funds to help leaders succeed. The organization mentors individuals so they can develop their leadership skills.


Empower: Impact Your World supports the ideas of its leaders through to realization, and places these individuals in organizations where they can grow and thrive.


Impact Your World’s mission is “to impart the principles of transformational leadership through life changing practical experiences, mentoring, training and service to humanity.”


RoyalGate Energy is honored to support this organization. Impact Your World can be reached by phone at +234 705 545 6864, by email at, and online at