Our assets in West Africa



RoyalGate has opened an office in Luanda with a view to expanding operations to Angola’s offshore sector.


Vast offshore discoveries, some in very deep water, underpin the rise of Angola as Africa’s second largest oil producer. Since 2002 and the end of the country’s civil war, Angola’s oil sector has boomed.


The hydrocarbons sector in Angola today provides a unique opportunity to work alongside super-majors and independent partners to develop world-class projects. Angola is a mature petroleum province, with the first commercial oil discovery made in 1955, but maintains a very high rate of new discoveries by exploring offshore areas at extreme depths, and utilising the latest exploration techniques.


Proved crude oil reserves stand at almost 9.1 billion barrels and the country’s coastal shelf shares geological features with Brazil’s productive Campos and Santos basins. The nature of Angola’s geology means its waters are home to some of the world’s most ambitious mega-projects.


Among the international oil companies present in the market, independent firms have made numerous important discoveries and established themselves as a vital part of Angola’s energy business. We are working towards building partnerships and developing projects in Angola that advance our strategic goals.